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January 2017 Archives

This roller coaster isn't at a theme park

If you have children and you're from Raleigh, you've probably been to Frankie's Fun Park a time or two. If not Frankie's, then perhaps you've enjoyed outings to some of the other popular theme parks throughout North Carolina. Spending recreational time together as a family is adventurous, and helps stitch memories that become the patchwork of your lives.

Obtaining sole legal and physical custody of your child

There are many reasons why you may wish to obtain sole custody of your child. If you choose to pursue this type of child custody arrangement, it is important to prepare yourself for the possibility of a legal battle as the other parent may contest your request for sole custody. Seeking sole physical and legal custody can be a complex, emotional and difficult process in the North Carolina family law courts, but this may be a necessary step in order to secure a stable future for you and your children.