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February 2017 Archives

An overview of parental visitation rights in North Carolina

The North Carolina court system puts a lot of value on the rights of children during a divorce. This includes their right to have both parents involved in their lives. When it comes to parental visitation rights, children do not have a direct say in what happens, according to the North Carolina Bar Association. Older children’s requests may be considered but are not used to make a determination.

Dads: Don't do these 4 things if you are seeking custody

If you are a father in North Carolina, whether you are divorced or were never married to the mother of your child, you are likely facing an uphill battle if you are fighting for custody or visitation. Besides the challenges of trying to figure out a parenting plan with someone you may no longer like or trust, you might also feel like the legal system is working against you.

Doing what's best for the kids in a divorce

Not many divorces end easily. There are almost always going to be intense discussions, even during many mediated divorces. Money is one of the most contentious issues facing a divorcing couple, naturally. But emotions probably run highest during a divorce when a child's future is being decided.