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March 2017 Archives

Knowing the hurdles as grandparents seeking custody

In some situations, a grandparent may not feel as though their own child is capable of rearing their children well. There are cases in which these grandparents then seek to rectify the situation by gaining custody of their grandchild. However, the road to custody is long and steep.

Understanding visitation rights

As you go through the divorce process in North Carolina, one of your primary concerns is likely your children. If you are not granted custody, it is natural to be concerned about how often you will see them. At Marshall and Taylor, PLLC, we understand your children are your top priority and are committed to helping you understand your visitation rights.

3 tips for handling child custody exchanges

As a parent, you undoubtedly want the best for your children and hope to keep them as safe as possible. However, when you have contentious feelings toward the children's other parent, the situation may prove complicated. If you and the other parent have divorced, the children may split time spent with you and with your ex. As such arrangements commonly occur, you may still feel a sense of anxiety around the situation.

What is a Guardian ad Litem?

When you are going through divorce in North Carolina, one of the biggest concerns will likely be who gets custody of your children. While you and your spouse may both want to have complete control over the physical and legal care of your child, a judge will be in charge of deciding who gets custody. If the situation is difficult to determine, The North Carolina Court System states that a Guardian ad Litem will often be consulted to assist in the case.

What problems can arise in visitation?

While many North Carolina residents believe that negotiations are over once the judge declares you legally divorced, the truth is that there are often unforeseen problems that can arise concerning your visitation schedule. Often, parents find themselves heading back to the court room to determine a solution to the problem. The North Carolina State Bar – Legal Assistance for Military Personnel has outlined the issues you may find once your visitation schedule is in place.

Why fathers may receive custody of the kids

As a parent raising children in North Carolina and in the U.S. in general, you may have noticed how family dynamics have changed significantly throughout the years. While women were once the primary caretakers and ran the household, men were often the breadwinners and maintained a career in order to make ends meet. Times have changed, however, and now a number of moms are primary earners and dads are more likely to stay at home and take care of the children. In fact, a study conducted by the Pew Research Center discovered that mothers are the primary earner in 40 percent of U.S households, including those that are headed by single moms.