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May 2017 Archives

The importance of fathers in a child’s development

While parents may be together, separated or divorced, children still need both parents in their lives. In some cases, a family separates and children may end up residing with their mother. The father is put on a set visitation schedule, allowing them time with their children one night a week and every other weekend. Other situations involve joint-custody, or equal times with each parent. Whatever the case may be, it is crucial that children develop a bond with their father. Studies show that when children are bonded to both parents, they have a better overall development.  

What is the best interests standard?

If you are seeking custody or visitation rights to a child in a North Carolina court, you are probably aware that the best interests of the child play a crucial role in the court’s final decision. However, the phrase “the best interests of the child” encompasses a wide range of ideas, and the court’s view of what comprises best interests may differ from your own or those of the child in question. Here are a few important factors in the best interests standard.

Why fathers should get paternity leave

When it comes to new babies joining your family, maternity leave is often expected. Mothers are generally given anywhere from six week to three months to spend time with their child, recover from delivery and an infant sleep pattern, and arrange schedules and details so that she can eventually return to work. In most cases, however, the father of the child is not given any time off and is forced to return to work immediately, all while struggling to adjust to a new baby in the home. At Marshall and Taylor, we fight for your rights as a mother or a father.

Late-life divorce? Save more for retirement with a table for one

Although often stressful and daunting, divorce is a process that many individuals have experienced at some point in their lives. For some, the decision may be sudden and unexpected; while others might have known it was coming for quite some time. Either way, the end of a marriage can change the dynamic of your retirement.

Enforcing a child custody order with law enforcement

Going through divorce can be draining, but some ex-spouses in North Carolina cause the drama to continue by ignoring the child custody orders and forcing you to seek help from the law. While this can be physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting for you, there are ways to ensure that all rules are followed and your divorce agreement is honored. We at Marshall and Taylor are here to help you determine the original custody arrangement as well as hold the court accountable for enforcing it.