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July 2017 Archives

Achieving the best child custody agreement

Divorcing couples in North Carolina have a great deal of power and control in determining the best custody arrangement for their children. In fact, North Carolina has an official policy, as stated in Section 50 of the General Statutes, of encouraging parents to share in the rights and responsibilities of raising their children after a divorce.

What are the non-custodial parent's rights to school information?

If you have school-aged children, you likely want to stay involved in your children's education even if you are not the custodial parent. The school is not responsible for managing your custody issues, but it must follow the custody order from the court and any applicable laws.According to the National Center for Education Statistics, if you are the non-custodial parent, you have specific rights when it comes to the school unless specified otherwise in custody orders.

Methods of establishing paternity in North Carolina

As an unwed North Carolina parent, there are numerous reasons you may want to establish legal paternity. Maybe you are a mother and are hoping to collect child support from the man you know fathered your child, or perhaps you believe you fathered a child and want rights to that child, but the child’s mother disputes your parentage. At the Marshall Taylor Law Firm, we have a firm understanding on the methods used in North Carolina to establish paternity, and we have assisted many mothers and fathers across the state in their attempts to do so.

How can I increase the chances of being awarded custody?

If you are concerned about being awarded custody of your child in a North Carolina divorce, there are some things you can do to help improve your odds. The court generally will place the children based on what is in their best interests. There are many different factors considered when this decision is made, but the Huffington Post notes there are some standard things that can help set you apart from the other parent and increase your odds of being given custody.

Property division includes all marital assets

Some couples simply grow apart while others break apart. Whether your divorce was a long time brewing or came about because of some sudden realization, you are facing the enormous and stressful task of separating your marital assets. If you were fortunate enough in your marriage to have accumulated substantial wealth, the thought of dividing that wealth may cause concern.