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Understanding your visitation schedule

When you and your spouse divorce, one of your most important tasks is establishing a visitation schedule which will work for your whole family. At Marshall and Taylor, P.C., we understand that many mothers in North Carolina have questions about putting together this schedule.

As you develop your visitation plan, it is important to consider your custody arrangement. According to, this arrangement forms the basis of your schedule. If you and your ex-husband have joint custody, you may want to divide your children’s time evenly between the two of you. If you have sole custody, though, it might be best to create a plan which gives your children plenty of time with their father without upending their daily schedule too much.

Additionally, it is important to consider how you will handle your children’s activities. Some activities might disrupt your usual schedule, and your visitations should be flexible enough to account for these times. You should also decide how your children will travel from house to house. If you live in the same area, a driving rota might make visitations easier for your whole family.

Once your regular visitation plan is established, you typically need to decide how you will handle vacations and holidays. You may want to establish a set number of vacation days for both you and your ex-husband or pick specific times to go on trips. Additionally, your visitation schedule usually needs to include holidays. You may choose to split holidays evenly between yourself and your children’s father or alternate these days. More information about finding a schedule may be found on our web page.

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