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What are the responsibilities of sole custody?

Divorced parents of children in North Carolina will have to decide whether joint or sole custody is better for their particular situation. If you're considering sole custody of your child, you should go into the arrangement understanding what sort of responsibilities will be on your shoulders.

As stated by The Spruce, sole custody is a situation in which one parent has primary custody of the child. While your ex-spouse may maintain visitation rights, they will not share the burden of parenthood in the same way that they would if you decided to do joint custody. As such, the responsibilities of raising a child will lie mostly on your shoulders.

Financial burdens are slightly easier to split, as this is where child support payments come in. However, that still leaves most things up to you. You'll be in charge of making the educational, financial and medical decisions for your child on your own. You'll have to drive them where they need to go, oversee their afterschool activities, and ensure that their life is enriching and rewarding.

Disciplinary matters will also be up to you, which can make some sole custody parents nervous as they believe they might get stigmatized if the other parent doesn't need to deal with punishing your child as often.

There are many benefits to sole custody as well, of course. These are just things to be aware of if you decide that option is the best for you and your child, and are not meant to act as a deterrent.

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