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Tips for smooth visitation schedules

One of the toughest situations for a couple that has recently been divorced in North Carolina is figuring out visitation schedules. Once schedules are ironed out, it is often difficult to make the transitions between each parent go smoothly. Because the children should always feel comfortable and happy with the situation, it is up to the parents to ensure visitation is easy and the transition between homes is not a big disturbance.

Our Family Wizard notes there are some things parents should do to help make visitation easier on everyone. Being on time for exchanges, preparing kids ahead of time and being respectful of each other are three tips that can really help parents. When people are rushing to meet the other parent, it can create tension. Having everyone ready ahead of time and leaving on time can resolve a lot of issues that often make visitation exchanges a stressful situation.

The Huffington Post offers some further advice to parents who are struggling with managing visitation schedules. One important tip is to listen to the children. Let them express how they feel about the situation. If they have other plans, parents should discuss this with them and try to work out a solution that everyone can agree upon. It is essential to allow the child to continue with his or her life without feeling as if visitation is changing everything.

However, it is most helpful to try to stick to the planned schedule as much as possible. Creating a routine enables everyone to feel better about the situation and makes it easier to get into the habit of getting ready for and initiating the process. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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