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How can we balance visitation and extracurricular activities?

One of the things you may struggle with when it comes to North Carolina visitation arrangements with your former spouse is working around the kids' extracurricular activities. Some children are involved in so many things, it can make it tough to ensure parenting time is not infringed upon. However, you also do not want to make children feel bad about being involved in sports and other activities. So, how can you work around this issue?

Divorce Magazine notes that many divorced parents struggle with balancing visitation and their children's busy schedules. Knowing it is a common issue can help to at least ease tensions a bit. Sports, theater, dance and a range of other activities are great for kids, so you do not want to stop them from being involved. The best thing parents can do is be supportive. Trying to stop a child from being in an activity could only lead to problems and resentment. It is far better to support them and do your best as parents to figure out a solution.

You may need to adjust the normal visitation schedule. If the activity is something that can be scheduled for different days of the week, then visitation schedules should be considered before scheduling the activity. If possible, you should try to minimize the impact of visitation.

The main goal is to not make a child feel bad about his or her extracurricular activities. You should do your best to work around them. Be flexible and willing to adjust the visitation schedule. In addition, you and the their other parent must work together to make it work. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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