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What can you when your child's other parent has a drug problem?

With the opioid epidemic hitting mass proportions in North Carolina and across the country and the face of addiction changing to include people from all walks of life, it is not surprising that you may run into a situation where you become concerned your child's other parent may have a substance addiction problem. Of course, she may be addicted to anything, from alcohol to heroin. However, addicts often exhibit behavior that could put your child in danger regardless of what substance they are addicted to, so this is a valid concern.

Your concerns may be that she is using the substance around your children. This can be incredibly dangerous. There are news stories all the time about children who have died because they were exposed to illegal substances accidentally. You may also worry that when she is using a substance, she may be unable to care for your children properly or expose them to other dangerous situations.

These are valid concerns, but what will the court do if you express them? According to The Spruce, you will likely need to initiate a child custody hearing to get the court involved. You will need to have some evidence of the problem to back up your concerns, such as law enforcement reports. Because the best interest of your child is the main standard used to determine custody issues, if the other parent's addiction is hindering her ability to provide care and a safe environment for your children, the chances are pretty good the court will rule in your favor. This could mean decreasing her visitation time, requiring supervised visitations or removing the children from her custody and awarding you custody. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.


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