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How to get through the holidays as a blended family

With the holiday season upon North Carolina, many blended families will be trying to figure out how to handle them for the first time. This can be a difficult task because instead of having one family, there are now multiple families. This means parents have to coordinate not only with their children's other parent but also with new family members, including new spouses and their families. As complicated as it can be, many families deal with it and make it work every year.

Perhaps these families can make the holiday season work because they have followed some advice from Operation:Parent. One great tip is for the new family to begin creating their own traditions. This can ease children into the new routines and help make the changes easier to handle. In addition, parents need to all work together. Everyone should be involved in creating a schedule of who will be where and when. 

More advice for blended families tackling the holiday season comes from She Knows. Parents are encouraged to create a good atmosphere for the children involved. This means focusing on the future instead of the past and putting the focus on what is best for the children and not the adults. There may be traditions or customs that have to be dropped because there simply is not time for them or they do not fit into the schedule. This happens when trying to coordinate the schedules of multiple families. However, as long as the children are having a good time and not stressed out, the holidays should be enjoyable for everyone. 

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