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Tips for the holidays and visitation

The holidays can be a trying time for divorced or separated families in North Carolina. Trying to coordinate everyone's schedules while also being aware of extended family commitments and traditions can leave families feeling very worn out. It can also lead to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, upset children, and arguments. To avoid such hassles, parents in this situation should work together to find a good holiday plan. The following is some additional advice to help make this easier. recommends parents should never treat the holidays as a competition. Trying to outdo each other with gifts and amazing activities can create an uncomfortable situation for the children. The better thing is to work together to try to create a sense of normalcy and following old routines as much as possible. 

However, the Huffington Post suggests also creating new holiday traditions in each of the households. This helps children to adjust more to the new family dynamics and adds a sense that things are okay. It allows them to move on from the divorce better and enjoy the holidays like normal. 

It is also encouraged parents put the children first always. Parents need to realize that no matter how disappointed they are, it should not affect the children. Some traditions may fall by the wayside. Each parent may not get as much time as they want with the children. The children may not get to see all the extended family. However, the goal should be to create the best holiday possible for the kids. If that happens, then the holiday season was a success. 

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