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A divorce and child custody guide: breaking down a break up

At the time of a marital breakup, you will likely be concerned for the continued welfare of your children. Depending on the individual circumstances of the parent, you may utilize one of several types of custody arrangements. Parents can choose an informal or formal method of reaching a custody and support agreement. Staying present for the children emotionally can be important, too.

Divorce tips for keeping your kids' holidays merry and bright

So you're recently divorced. Or in the midst of a divorce. Or even just considering a divorce. Regardless of the chronological details surrounding the end of your marriage, one thing you likely have in common with other single parents this time of year? Stress over navigating the upcoming holiday season with your children.

Determining a custody arrangement that's best for your children

Your divorce may affect your children in ways you may not even realize. If you and your soon-to-be former spouse have kept things quiet regarding your parting of ways, when you break the news to your kids, they may be overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions -- some of which may include shock, sadness, anger and perhaps even guilt.

Is avoiding custody conflict the most important factor?

Most North Carolina parents -- undoubtedly you among them -- want to do what they can to ensure that their children grow up happy and healthy. The steps you choose to take to work toward these outcomes may differ from the choices other individuals make, but the same type of caring and love may go into your decisions. As a result, when you face a considerably challenging situation, such as a divorce, you may wonder what actions may lessen the possibility for negative impacts on your kids.

Property division includes all marital assets

Some couples simply grow apart while others break apart. Whether your divorce was a long time brewing or came about because of some sudden realization, you are facing the enormous and stressful task of separating your marital assets. If you were fortunate enough in your marriage to have accumulated substantial wealth, the thought of dividing that wealth may cause concern.

Late-life divorce? Save more for retirement with a table for one

Although often stressful and daunting, divorce is a process that many individuals have experienced at some point in their lives. For some, the decision may be sudden and unexpected; while others might have known it was coming for quite some time. Either way, the end of a marriage can change the dynamic of your retirement.